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9 shows to binge watch that may also help you with your career

We are only a few weeks away from the premiere of the highly anticipated Murphy Brown reboot (September 27th on CBS in case you forgot.) Murphy Brown, which premiered on the same network in 1988 and nabbed two “Outstanding Comedy Series” Emmys, was a seminal show as the protagonist was a blunt, hard-hitting television female news journalist who was described by series creator Diane English as “living like a man and making no apologies for it whatsoever.” In addition to all the wonderful feminism, it was also just a show about a group of coworkers dealing with their jobs and life as it came at them. Something we can all relate to.

The entire Murphy Brown series is available to stream on CBS All Access if you want to be fully caught up before the reboot. Or, there are plenty of great shows you can binge watch right now that will allow you to completely relax and also may serve you with a career lesson or two.

Parks and Recreation (Netflix)

From the always energetic Leslie Knope to Ron Swanson’s irresistible blunt machismo to Andy’s slovenly adorableness, this was the group of people we wished we worked with all day (and we want all the waffles.) The lessons from this show are countless when it comes to dealing with your coworkers, office romance and not working when you have the flu unless you are Leslie Knope. #littlesebastianforever

The Mary Tyler Moore Show (Hulu)

Similar to Murphy Brown, this was an extremely important show when it came to women in the workplace. And though it debuted in 1970 some of the office situations still feel way too familiar. Moore once explained that her character was “breaking new ground for women by going in and bringing up to her boss the fact that the man who had the job before her was making more money and why was that?” Plus, it’s hilarious!

The Office (HuluNetflix)

Though the lessons are buried under so much hilariousness that sometimes you can’t catch your breath, there is a reason why this show is still constantly referenced to. From dealing with the most annoying and awkward boss ever to making the best of a boring job to finally finding your real passion streaming this show will always put you in a good mood.

The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel (Amazon Prime)

From the brilliant mind behind Gilmore Girls, Amy Sherman Palladino introduced a to an amazing character last year that was all about reinventing yourself and realizing it’s never too late to pursue your passion if you just let yourself. When Midge Maisel’s husband suddenly leaves, the perfect Upper West Side housewife thinks her life is over except it is just beginning because she finally found her voice. The winner of the Golden Globe for Best Comedy Series and a well-deserved win for Rachel Brosnahan who plays the title character stream it now before Season 2 begins this fall.

Scrubs (Hulu)

If you love a little silly humor then this is the show for you. Yes, they are doctors saving lives but that doesn’t mean it can’t be funny too! You have to find the jokes when you work in a tough industry like that. JD and the gang certainly do.

Yes (the now) Princess Meghan Markle is no longer on the USA Network show, which has been on for 8 seasons, but it is still good and you can stream all the past seasons. So many great lessons from this show including finding a great mentor, how to be a strong leader and faking it until you make it (however we do not condone lying about going to Harvard Law School and saying you are a lawyer when you are not.)

Corporate (Comedy Central)

You probably haven’t heard of it as it only had one season on Comedy Central (but it’s been renewed for a second one) but the show is truly brilliant in its satirical look at the dark underbelly of corporate life. Written by Jake Weisman and Matt Ingebretson, who also star, they work for a giant corporation, Hampton Deville that makes really unnecessary things, like the world’s largest tablet and possibly some weapons of mass destruction. If you’ve ever fretted over Casual Fridays or what to do when a coworker asks you for a favor then this is the show for you.

Scandal (

Nothing like some good old-fashioned workplace drama. Yes, this one involves the President of the United States and so many outlandish conspiracy theories but at the end of the day we learned that a glass of red wine and a creamy white cashmere sweater can solve anything. Thank you Olivia Pope. It’s been handled.

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