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As the recent epidemic unfolds it has brought a wave of uncertainty over many of us. There is uncertainty of things that used to be constants in our life, and considerably to the most important variable: our job. Whether you are in aviation or not this holds true for people all over the world right now. With store closures, cancelled flights, restaurants shutting their doors, and countries on full lock down panic arises.

Fear not- for this blog post is here to put you at ease. We've put together a variety of big business' who are remaining open to the public and are considered essential. These jobs are located mostly in the New Jersey area, however if you are not located in this area you can still find companies hiring for those larger business'. Grocery stores are a huge hot spot for everyone in this crisis. All your essentials can be found here and, really, that's all you need during this time.

For those of you who have been let go, laid off, or are not capable of the WFH situation, the below articles are for you.

ABC news suggests the obvious leading companies that need all hands on deck to keep the world of business going:

The state of NJ has made it convenient for those of us residing in the state during COVID-19 to see which jobs are hiring or need assistance:

Many institutions and universities are offering free tuition and or classes during this time. If you or someone you know wants to increase their education and there were many reasons as to why they couldn't before- now is definitely the time.

And lastly, If you have a side business or passion that you've been chipping away at in your spare time, now is the moment to focus and refine your craft so that you can hit the ground running once things stabilize (because they will!).

We hope that these resources could be of assistance to ease your anxiety of the foggy future. We are here as a resource but also as an equal. We are all in limbo, however we are all in it together. Please don't hesitate to reach out to our community, many of our members can sympathize and sometimes it's nice to get a different POV on the situation. Please stay inside, stay safe, and wash those hands!!

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