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@MYLAYOVERLIFE’S recipe for a successful layover!

Hey Crew!

My name is Paul, aka @mylayoverlife on Instagram and YouTube. I wanted to give you my recipe for an awesome layover, especially if you’re new to the industry or a city you’ve never been to before landed on your line and you don’t know where to start exploring.

When I research layovers, one of my first stops is Instagram. I type in the hashtag for the city I’m going to and see if there’s anything cool right off the bat. If I see a cool shot, then I might search a hashtag for that particular attraction. Then, I’ll go try to find where that picture was taken and whatever happens on the way there is where the adventure comes. So, as an example, I might search #milan which will lead to a picture of Lake Como, or more specifically, the town of Bellagio. So, then I’ll search #bellagio and maybe find a cool spot for a picture. Next thing you know, I’m on a train to Varenna and taking a boat to Bellagio. It’s like a scavenger hunt. For adults.

If you’re not up for a train ride and just want to stay in the city you’re in, then I recommend finding a good view. Whether it’s a hike up a hill for a picnic, or climbing a bunch of steps in an old church, just go do it. It gives you context and gets your blood flowing. Because one of the best antidotes to jet-lag isn’t caffeine. It’s movement.

Coffee is important too, however, and some of the most spontaneous plans have been made over a cappuccino with the crew. Sometimes it’s easy to rush through a layover because there’s only so much time. But it’s okay to slow down and just enjoy conversation amongst friends.

That leads me to conversation. I try to avoid work talk as much as possible. Obviously, it’s nearly impossible to get 4-5 crew members together and not have work come up, but there are some really interesting people in this industry whose lives don’t revolve around working for an airline. I like to find out what makes them unique. Ask questions like; “What’s the last book you read,” or “When is the last time you cried?” I guarantee, you’ll be friends with that person for life if you ask them something other than “How long have you been flying,” or “Where are you from?”

Lastly, be open to adventure. Put your phone away and get lost in the side streets. Some of the best nights are spent just meandering the quiet streets of Europe with no agenda. Bring your hotel key, show it to a taxi driver and he’ll get you back to your hotel in no time. Until then, be a little spontaneous.

These places we get to visit are once-in-a-lifetime trips for some people. So, take advantage of it because you never know what tomorrow will bring. We might stop going to a certain city, or circumstances of your life might lead you to another job or another season. Don’t regret not making the most of your layover life.

See you out there!

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