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7 leisure activities of super-successful people

Ever wonder what super successful people do when they aren’t working? They have hobbies, just like us.  And it is no coincidence that these people just happen to be successful too. Hobbies can be very beneficial to one’s career. A study out of San Francisco State University using 350 employees found that people with hobbies showed more improvement in their jobs. They can help you learn new skills, overcome obstacles, be better about time management, and make you more patient. In other words, go pick up a hobby and maybe consider one of the following.

Richard Branson plays chess

In addition to jumping out of planes and speedboating, he also enjoys some tamer activities like chess. “I think chess may just be the best game in the world,” he wrote on Virgin’s blog. “It combines the greatest aspects of many different sports — tactics, planning, bravery, and risk-taking — plus you can have a cup of tea and often a stimulating conversation while you play!” Chess is excellent for brain growth, increasing creativity and preventing Alzheimer’s so you may want to adopt this hobby soon! Peter Thiel also plays chess.

Oprah loves to take leisurely baths

What does the woman who has everything like to do? Take super leisurely baths in her custom-made tub of course! She told James Cordon on “The Late Late Show”  a few months ago that bathing is her favorite hobby. “I do have a hand-carved tub,” she said. The tub is made out of marble and onyx and was CARVED TO THE SHAPE OF HER BODY! Now that sounds pretty darn amazing. According to a recent study from the Japan Health and Research Center, Tokyo City University and Jichi Medical University there are a number of physical, as well as mental health, benefits from a daily soak in the tub.

Sergey Brin flies through the air on the trapeze

The Google founder has a number of adventurous hobbies but the trapeze is one of his favorites because of the intense adrenaline rush.

Rachel Zoe loves to bake

The stylist and fashion designer also loves to be in the kitchen baking. “I bake anything and everything,” she told PEOPLE. “You name it, I do it. It’s very therapeutic.” One of her go-tos is “Chocolate chip banana bread, muffins, brownies, cookies, coffee crumb cake. I love it.” Marissa Mayer is also obsessed with baking.

Tom Hanks photographs lost items

In addition to collecting old typewriters, Tom Hanks also likes to photograph random lost items like gloves or shoes and then post them on Twitter. “The absolute best use of worldwide social media, you know?” Hanks said in a video interview with PBS.“Twenty million followers later on they’re still hanging on whatever new kid’s mitten is going to be found somewhere.” The hobby encourages him to think on a more philosophical level it sounds like. “It’s really kind of like a visual haiku of separation, loss, maybe freedom, maybe loneliness in the big city,” he said. “A lost glove looking for its mate, isn’t that just the way of the world? Aren’t we all just lost gloves, looking for our — if we’re a left hand aren’t we looking for our right hand?”

Virginia Rommetty golfs

The CEO of IBM has been ranked as one of the most powerful women in the world and also once shot 144. That is most definitely why  Augusta National invited Rometty to be its third female member.

Dwyane Wade has a passion for fashion

The Miami Heat guard and three-time NBA champion loves clothing! He has done design collaborations with a number of brands including AWAY Luggage, and founded his own sock company called PKWY and works with the sneaker company Li-Ning in a design role. “It takes me away from all the things I need to do and deal with. It’s one of those fun things, so of course I want to keep it in my life,” Wade said in an interview. “Maybe someday, I would love to get to dress someone from head to toe. Start with men, and then maybe women! Who knows? I want to do it. I know there are so many steps to get there, but I want to do it.”

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