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3 ways to keep yourself motivated for the rest of your life

3 ways to keep yourself motivated for the rest of your life.

3 ways to keep yourself motivated for the rest of your life

1. Goals

Most importantly, write down your goals.

There is a significant differance between those who write down their goals and those who dont write down their goals.

And why not go a little crazy. Take it one step further and frame your goals on the wall. Preferably a wall you encounter several times a day, so that everytime you look at your wall you remind yourself why you are doing the shit you do.

Set yourself up for success man!

I did an excercise which I read about a while back. Writing down 100 goals in one go and I could just think of 4 goals straight away and then approximately an hour later my head hurt so much from all the thinking I finally wrote the last one. Now it sits beutifully on my wall.

Everytime I reach a goal. I take a black marker and cross that goal of the list. (Only made 1 so far). But it really keeps me motivated to do the awful dreadful things that come along with starting a blog, writing and trying to make things happen while they are not. BUT THEY WILL!

2. Building routines.

I am a dedicated youtube watcher. Like, really I watch alot of crap. but allthough one thing that I really like watching is successful people talking about their habits and routines, why they made it and so forth. They really inspire me and they are also the only ones I can listen to since I want to do what many of them have done. One thing that I´ve really taken away from all that time spent is adapting a morning routine and how important that is.

Before I started taking the morning routine serious. My morning almost only consisted of me in a desperate search for coffeine, I didnt eat breakfast, I just rushed off to work barely even had time to brush my teeth. Nowadays, I make breakfast a part of my routine and I also take the time to motivate myself each and every morning. I write at least one motivating blogpost or read something motivating every morning before I head off to work. I can really feel the differance because staying hungry is all about reminding yourself why are doing it and if your why exceeds the struggle of getting shit done. Then success is just a matter of time. Do you know how I know?

Because I dont believe in talent, I believe in hard work.

3. Creating your why.

I saved the best for last so that all of you who struggled through my horrible writing at least can get some form of return on investment here.

The last thing that I want to share with ya’ll is also the most important. It’s about creating your why. I already talked about how important it is to keep reminding yourself what your goals are but more importantly is to remind yourself why you want those goals to happen. It might be self-explanatory. But I want to emphasize it.

There is a lot of science behind how you need to think about your goals and instead of asking yourself what you want to accomplish, you need to ask yourself how you want to change the world.

We need to think in really big terms. Make your purpose so big that it will not only be inspiring for yourself but also for people around you.

So, how are you going to make the world a better place ?

By being nice? By building your company? By helping others?

When your purpouse in life sits in line with your vision you will eat, breath and sleep success.

“At first they will ask why you are doing it and then they will ask how you did it.”

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