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Is the Digital Nomad lifestyle for me?

-- Here is a basic introduction on what it means to be a digital nomad. This should help with the "Is this lifestyle right for me" questions that pop up here every day. I don't know if it's right for you. Only you know if it's right for you.

Important takeaways:

- Digital NOMAD - That means traveling. That means constantly moving. That's literally the definition of "nomad". Don't be surprised when you are constantly shifting friends, or houses, and you have no stability. Yes, you may want to try it for a bit to see if you like it, but understand that nomadism is literally about moving around. Don't believe me? Here's a definition.

- You need to be brave and give up a lot of your current life - It's never an easy thing to do to completely change your life's direction. You need to take a leap of faith. But if that's where your values are, then you need to do that. Again, "nomad"... That literally means "no permanent home". If you have a permanent home, you need to be courageous and get rid of it. Or don't. Whatever. Be a half-nomad. I don't care. But don't do things you aren't comfortable doing. See where your values are and adjust to meet those needs.

-- Alright, it's a mildly clickbaity title on the post itself... It's more like a Beginner's Guide... But for those that have never explored this kind of thing before, this is a great place to start. It will show you exactly how most people find money when traveling.

Important takeaways:

- Non-digital jobs - You can be a traveler and make money without the internet. The internet is a relatively new thing, but being a wanderer is not. People will give you money if they think you can give them something of equal value in return. Figure out what that thing is, and then do it.

- Digital jobs - There are a myriad of (yes, "a myriad of") jobs out there in the digital world. The internet is mind-blowingly large and filled with opportunity. It will only get larger. Only half of the world's population currently use the internet. Half. The internet will grow exponentially, and the opportunity for remote work will also grow exponentially.

-- This one is important. A large part of the reason there's a huge rate of attrition in the DN world is because people don't know what they're getting themselves into. They see 'laptop by the pool' pics and go "WOWOW!!!!" without seeing the 'shitting your brains out in a shared hostel bathroom all night right before needing to work for 10 straight hours to meet a tight deadline when all your friends are going camping at a waterfall for the next 3 days' pics.

Important takeaways:

- DON'T GET SUCKERED INTO THIS LIFESTYLE - The Instagram posts (and apparently posts on the subreddit) of amazing swimming pools is fine if you understand that this is atypical. It's not that I don't have these pictures (I do), but I neither use them to make others jealous nor for social validation. In many instances, I work waaaaaaaaaaaay harder than I would if I had a boring office job, and the time I get to spend chillin' by the pool is a reward for that substantial amount of work.

- Wealth is subjective - Nomadism has typically been reserved for less-than-wealthy persons (think of nomadic populations that have few belongings and wander from place to place with their camels). Not saying you can't be a wealthy digital nomad, but it's unlikely that "being a digital nomad" will net you lots of money. You may have that happen provided you have a certain set of skills that can get you there, but "being a digital nomad" is not a get-rich-quick (/ever) kind of thing.

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