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Ballin on a budget? This site is your HOLY GRAIL!

So yes, obviously there is a stigma with "being cheap".

But can you blame the average 20 something with student loan debt, a car note, dreams and aspirations, a love for food, and bad shopping habits. One of these can be chopped off the block...

Here's a great site to peruse in your increasingly small amount of downtime if you're looking to stretch your dollars just a bit further.

Although it may not feature all of your favorite brands, there is a certain level of comfort knowing you can reinvest all that saved money into things that actually matter, like another drink at that speak easy in East Village.

We compiled a guide that will also outline the "Do's and Don'ts of couponing so you don't drive yourself and the clerk crazy, take a look and let us know what you think!

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