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The Advantages of Wearing Slippers

Why Wearing Slipper is so Necessary?

Slippers are light weighted footwear and are quite easier to wear. People mostly wear it at indoors, especially at home. The history of slippers has been found to be related 12th century when Vietnamese were wearing slippers. In the western region, the history of slippers can only be traced to 1478.

There are several types of slippers like open-heel slippers, closed slippers, slipper boots, sandal slippers and evening slippers. The slippers are basically made up of soft and colourful material. It also comes in the attractive shapes of animals, animal paws, vehicles, cartoon characters etc.

Few Awesome Reasons for Wearing Slippers

There are several reasons that why you should wear slippers. Wearing slippers is a pretty experience as these are cozy and comfortable to wear. Here are few reasons behind necessity to wear slippers-

  1. It Reduces the Risk of Occurring Cold and Flu

Clear warning is usually provided by health experts that remaining without slippers on cold floor can raise the risk of suffering from cold and flu. When the feet of a person get chilled then it changes the ability of a body to fight with diseases and illness. In actual, chilling of feet can cause the blood vessels present inside the nose to constrict. It thus reduces the blood flow to the nose. Thus, there are fewer white cells available for fighting with the virus.

  1. It Prevents Bacterial and Fungal Infections

Slippers are extremely helpful in preventing the communicable foot diseases such as athlete’s foot and toenail fungus infections. Thus, wearing slippers will not only provide you extreme comfort but also will keep you healthy.

  1. It Helps in Maintaining Cleanliness of Place

Your shoes become dirtiest when you wear it outside. It consists of several dangerous bacteria which are extremely harmful for your health and can make you ill. These also can be easily transferred to the floor of your house while stepping inside. Thus, prior to entering your house, you must take care to keep your shoes outside the floors. You should wear only slippers inside the home to maintain cleanliness of the place and avoid any fungal infection.

  1. It Helps in Avoiding Household Accidents

The floors of house which are made up of wood, tiles and linoleum can be little slippery. It is mostly when you are wearing socks. Usually slippers have grip on their sole that can effectively reduce the pesky trips and chances of falling down. It is especially when you are moving inside the house in hurry for some reason like answering phone, opening the door and others. It provides friction to your move and prevents you from any accident of falling down on the floor.

  1. You Can be More Productive by Wearing Slippers

Various studies have revealed the fact that workers who feels relaxed while working are more productive than others. Habit of wearing slippers can make you to feel quiet relaxed. By wearing these comfortable slippers, you can easily carry on your work and become more efficient.

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