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5 Tips on Taking Better Travel Photos

When it comes to traveling most of us want to have the best "grammable" photos to share with everyone on social media. So, if you're reading this post you're probably in the same boat. However, don't think that this means you have to take pictures that people will like, take photos that you enjoy! These will be the photos that you look back on when you are flipping through your photo albums a couple years from now.


What does this entail? Well, what makes your travels unique to where you are going? Are there special landmarks, or interesting architecture, maybe even landscapes? Get some inspiration! Instagram is a great place to start by just searching the location and seeing what other people have posted. You can even consider doing the same on Pinterest. What do you search? Well, lucky for you many people have already considered this topic, so you can just start with the city you're traveling to and then follow it with "best instagram spots". Easy peasy research, that has basically already been done for you.


Imagine yourself in those spots you're planning on visiting, and what do you see? How do you invision these photos you're going to take? Especially for those of you who know where you're going, dress for the occasion! Pack what you deem as the perfect outfit and that can bump up your photos quite a bit! Most importantly you want to feel comfortable in what ever outfit you are wearing! When you look good, you feel good, and people can always tell when you're happy!


Now that you have found your spot its time to take some test shots! You know how you see it in your mind, so its time to bring it to life. Ask your friend to step in front of the camera for some test photos so you can tell them exactly how you want yours taken. Not to mention if you aren't traveling with someone you know, you may have to direct them to take the photo to begin with. When you're with your friend be sure to show them the frame so they know where to point and shoot. Its a win win street, your friend gets some photos and so do you!


Yes as much as you should be in the photo you should show off the place you're in! Your whole body doesn't always have to be in the shot! Be sure to tell your photographer to get more of the background and less of the ground you're standing on. Be sure to aim the camera up and not down!


Do anything and everything in your photos! Don't stay still, strike a pose, do a handstand! Not a complete candid but possibly a practiced one? The quality of your photos will increase when you're not always doing the same thing in every photo. Very rarely do you see people keeping their photos the same. So again, keep it movin' and groovin'.

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